DEMO Instant Provisioning for Veeam Cloud Connect

As version 9 RTM is currently being shipped to Cloud Connect service providers, I thought it was a good time to update the Veeam Cloud Connect demo portal. The code is a demonstration of how to work with the RESTful API, which is available for all Enterprise Manager versions as long as a valid Cloud Connect license is installed.

You can verify that you have correct licensing by opening the menu > Support > Licensing

Cloud Connect license


The code was tested on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS with the following packages:

  • apache2
  • php5
  • php5-curl
  • git

Installation and configuration instructions for the portal are available in the README.md file over on GitHub > https://github.com/poulpreben/veeam-cloudconnect.

The portal

The demo is a very simple form, that will use predefined parameters from veeam.class.php to provision a Cloud Connect tenant.

Cloud Connect Portal

I do not recommend you use the code directly in production, but more as an inspiration as to how you may include this in your company website to increase the lead conversion rate for your web visitors.

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